Want your child to eat healthier snacks?

Healthy snacks help your child get important nutrients, stave off hunger, and grow. 

Learn how to plan and execute healthy snacks so your child gets the most out of them. Leave unhealthy, unsatisfying snacks behind ... along with the "I'm hungry!"  complaints.

The Healthy Snack Planner for Kids will help you:

Quickly learn HOW to plan healthy snacks, including WHICH foods satisfy your child best, HOW MUCH to offer, and WHEN and WHERE to eat them. 

Get organized with a weekly planner and inspired with new snack ideas!

You Will Learn:

  • Who needs a snack and how many are needed each day
  • When and where to serve snacks
  • Which key foods make up a healthy snack
  • The best ways to serve healthy snacks
  • The most common snack mistakes parents make


 As a childhood nutrition expert, my professional approach to ensuring families provide healthy snacks to their children is simple: through strategic planning of food. 

In this guide, I outline the basic principles of healthy snacks. You'll never look at snacks the same way again. In fact, you will learn how to serve up snacks that meet the following criteria: Healthy, Balanced, Satisfying, Nutritious and Delicious.

Better yet, your child will enjoy healthy snacks and end the constant grazing, complaints of hunger, and requests for more food.

This Planner offers a step-by-step system for planning healthy snacks, including a planner for your weekly snack strategy, and 85+ snack ideas to spur your creativity and variety.